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12 Year Old LeBron James Jr. has an Impressive Mixtape

At 12 years old, there isn't much you can show someone via a mixtape that shows anything about your future success as a basketball player. Everyone has that one friend who at 12 was so physically dominant or body-matured that they were able to get to any spot on the court and basically score at will. There was always that super tall center who dominated games and had 20 and 20 every Sunday afternoon at the Boys and Girls Club. Athleticism comes and goes, and those kids usually end up stagnating in height and fail to develop their game past a certain point. 

BUT, this is noteworthy for a different reason. 

Court Vision.

There is a certain feel for the game that you would hope to see out of a kid at this age that Jr. very clearly has. Rhythm passing, look off post dumps, even open court touch passes were all on display in the video and that has to be a good sign. You know the body will continue to develop (look at Pops) but the outside shooting stroke coupled with court vision and a general feel for the game must have coaches ready to pounce.