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Adrian Peterson will soon be a New England Patriot, Just Watch

Adrian Peterson will start by saying that he has made enough money in his career, and is just focused on winning at this point. Then everyone will commend him for making such a statement.

Next, he will say that all that matters is getting on a winning team and taking a shot at an NFL Super Bowl Trophy. The general public will eat it up.

Finally, he will meet with teams and decide that the right place for him to play is the New England Patriots. You heard that right. He will join the likes of Randy Moss, David Ortiz, and Kevin Garnett and make the switch from Minnesota to Massachusetts, just you wait and see.

Jason Smith explains how frustrating it is that he can see this coming from a mile away, and breaks it all down in the audio below. You can hear The Jason Smith Show every weekday from 11-2 am est. on Fox Sports Radio.