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Mike Lombardi Weighs in on Romo, Garoppolo

Tony Romo will be released on Thursday by the Dallas Cowboys, that much we know is true. The team has confirmed it with multiple sources and Romo will be able to choose which team he wants to play for next season on his own.

This opens the door for all those NFL teams who are 'a quarterback away' from competing for a Super Bowl, and Michael Lombardi thinks that there are a few specific teams who MUST make a move on Tony Romo before the weekend even arrives.

The Houston Texans representatives should be in Dallas right now waiting to meet with him. Watch the video below for Romo updates from the source:

Jimmy Garoppolo and the New England Patriots have a much less clear-cut situation on their hands with what will happen regarding one of the hottest quarterback names in the market. He's still on the roster, is a vital part of the Patriots franchise, and has all the tools to become a great player in the league.

The Patriots won't trade the 12th pick for him, so what might happen? Lombardi, who is a former New England Patriots executive, joined The Rich Eisen Show to explain.