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Rick Porcello: "I Thought (Tebow) was a Ballboy"

WEEI 93.7 - Rick Porcello is all business on the mound, whether there are 60,000 people screaming at him in Yankee Stadium or 18 watching a sim game on Field 6 at JetBlue Park.

But even Porcello noticed the figure inching towards the Red Sox on-deck circle as he warmed up before the third inning of what should've been a nondescript start against the New York Mets on Wednesday.

"I didn't know who it was," Porcello admitted. "I thought it was a ballboy."

It was actually the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner.

DHing for the Mets and batting eighth was none other than Tim Tebow, one of the most polarizing figures in NFL history. His football dreams effectively dashed after the Patriots cut him in 2013, Tebow is attempting to transform himself into a professional baseball player, and on Wednesday he faced big-league pitching for the first time.

Just when you thought it was safe to pursue your dreams, here comes Rick Porcello with a quote so obviously meant to be disrespectful he might as well have punched Tebow in the mouth. 

What's the quickest way to be considered a laughing stock while chasing the major leagues? Have a player respected in the league label you a ball boy and then strike you out with four pitches.

Personally, I really like Tim Tebow (not for the clickbait his name generally induces) because he is passionate about something and works relentlessly towards it. Is he corny? Sure. Does he remind me of a home schooled kid? Absoutely. 

But do I think his ambition is disingenuine? No way. 

Good luck to Tebow, but Porcello might have just ended your baseball life before it really got started.