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Ice Cube on Notorious B.I.G -- 20 Years Later

"You can tell when it's your moment, he was one of the most talented MC's we've ever had. He could put stlye, lyrical flow, and hit music together at the same time. He will always be a force in the world of hip-hop." - Ice Cube on the 20th Anniversary of Notorious B.I.G's murder

Notorious B.I.G was killed 20 years ago today, March 9th. Take one look at social media today and you will see that the impact Biggie had in the world of music, not just hip-hop, continues to grow with each passing year. It's truly remarkable how the influence Biggie had on the up-and-coming artists of his time has continued to keep him alive long after his body stopped breathing. He may never die his second death and the way he is spoken about is surely just a small testament to the person he was.

One of those artists Biggie influenced at a young age was Ice Cube. Tomorrow, there will be a full one hour special interview with Ice Cube right here on Fox Sports Radio.  You can stream it right here at 7 am est., perfect for your morning drive, on Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis. Clay and Ice Cube discuss everything (and we mean everything) from Derek Carr to Biggie Smalls, leaving no stone unturned. Was Biggie's murder a government hit? Are Tupac and Biggie's murders connected?

Listen below to a special sneak preview of the interview coming tomorrow. Again, top of the second hour at 7 am est. on Fox Sports Radio. Check it out, and may you continue to rest in peace big man.