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Russell Westbrook is Like a Degenerate Gambler

“He is like a degenerate gambler – when gamblers are degenerate gamblers they always tell you they go to Vegas and say, ‘I won $1,200’, but they took out $4,800. Russell Westbrook is a degenerate shooter; he really thinks he’s a great shooter.”

Colin Cowherd saw the team records since 2008 of the best players in the NBA when they score over 40 points, and thought Russell Westbrook's losing record sums up his career of bettering his own numbers while his team suffers the consequences.

LeBron: 26-6

James Harden: 29-7

Steph Curry: 20-5

Kevin Durant: 33-13

Kobe Bryant: 19-11

Carmelo Anthony: 16-12

Russell Westbrook: 14-16

Cowherd compared Westbrook to a degenerate gambler, mentioning how the Thunder are 5-26 in his career when he launches at least 9 threes, representing a guy who keeps pushing his chips to the middle of the table even while compiling huge losses.