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Vince Young talks Comeback, and What Cost Him His NFL Career

Vince Young is a quarterback in the Canadian Football League as of this week, and people could not be more happy about his return to football. The stories of his failures on multiple fronts were too well documented, as people loved to pile it on the former world-beater for whatever reason. Now, the personal redemption coupled with the desire to play the sport he loves have created a tidal wave of positive momentum carrying Vince Young to the next stop.

He joined Steve Gorman Sports today to break down multiple different topics related to this. 

First off, Vince talked about what cost him his NFL Career and it boils down to one thing, immaturity.

Next, the trio discussed why VInce is coming back to football. Is it money related? Personal vendetta against something?


It's simply a love for the game, and an opportunity he didn't want to pass up. Amazing stuff, listen below. You can hear Steve Gorman Sports every weekday from 6-8 pm est. on Fox Sports Radio.