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Why Aren't the Bears Tanking for Sam Darnold?

“Sucking in 2017 in order to win the Sam Darnold sweepstakes is actually a really good move instead of paying $14.5 million to try and get 5 or 6 wins with a guy like Mike Glennon.”

After Mike Glennon signed what Clay Travis called 'one of the most ridiculous contracts in NFL history', Travis wonders why the Bears were insistent on acquiring a quarterback that gives them absolutely no chance to become any better.

“I don’t see much of a difference in going 6-10 and going 2-14,” Travis said of 3-13 rudderless Bears, expected to release Jay Cutler this week. “It’s not as if Mike Glennon puts you in the mix to make the playoffs.”

In a conference rich in quality quarterbacks, Travis thinks the Bears put themselves in a terrible position by shelling out cash to a clearly inferior player.

“You look at where your team is relative to the rest of the division,” Travis said. “Aaron Rodgers – infinitely better quarterback. Matthew Stafford – infinitely better quarterback. Sam Bradford – infinitely better quarterback. So, how are the Bears going to win the division?”