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Baker Mayfield Arrest Video Released

TMZ Sports - Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield got BLOWN UP by cops when he tried to run during a drunken Feb. incident in Arkansas ... and it was all on video. 

As we previously reported, Mayfield was arrested on Feb. 25th when cops tried to confront the QB about a violent incident earlier in the evening. 

That's when Baker tried to run ... but a linebacker-esque officer quickly launched at Mayfield, rocking him into a wall and taking him down to the ground. 

Mayfield yelled back at the officers -- but they eventually subdued him and arrested him for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and fleeing.

Mayfield later apologized for the incident -- saying he embarrassed his family, friends, teammates and fans.  

Woah there. When this first happened the details of the report made it sound like this cop had real linebacker potential for the Arkansas football team, now that we see it it's a little less awesome, but still worthy of at least a scholarship.

I mean, have you seen Arkansas' record?

Clay Travis explained all of this in the audio below a month ago. Why don't you try to keep up.