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Kevin Durant should have gone to the Wizards

When you look at the Golden State Warriors, and where they were last season, it's difficult to imagine a scenario where you can claim that they have NOT gotten worse season over season. In fact, almost everyone associated with Kevin Durant, whether it be Golden State or Oklahoma City, actually got worse compared to last year when you look at the snapshots of the current standings.

Now, Kevin Durant is facing questions about his legacy and is nearing a territory where he becomes the universal scapegoat for a decision he made last July. Is it reparable? Possibly, but it could have been avoided if he simply went home in free agency.

Imagine a Wizards team right now set to do battle with LeBron and the Cavaliers for the Eastern Conference title? The NBA and Kevin Durant would all be in a better place if he became a Washington basketball player again. Listen below.

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