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Rob Gronkowski 'motorboating' in South Carolina

TMZ SPORTS - Here's NFL star Rob Gronkowski ... motorboatin' the HELL out of a pair of boobies in a South Carolina nightclub ... because of course he did. 

Gronk was partying in the VIP section of Club Trio in Charleston on Sunday night -- when he dropped anchor in front of a woman holding a bottle of booze and went full "Wedding Crashers."

By the way, start to finish ... Gronk spent a full 5 seconds in between the cleavage ... while everyone around cheered and high-fived.

So, my opinion on this is simple. The guy obviously has a lot of close friends who are extremely similar to himself. The strong, macho, football star type of character who likes to have a good time, make aggressive decisions under the influence of alcohol, and possibly overstep some boundaries by the grace of athletic ability.

Unfortunately for a guy like Gronk, who would be a LEGEND if this were 1980 and you only heard rumors of this type of behavior in his spare time, this is the age where everything is on video. This is a long, drawn-out, old man excuse for his actions but it's the truth. A guy like Gronk doesn't fit in the twitter-police era, but for the most part has gotten away with his actions (save a bang cruise) due to being lovable and goofy. 

If and BIG IF, his form slows down on the field or he spends another year on the sideline, this will become a bigger issue. Love Gronk, this stuff will get old soon.