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Darrelle Revis Has All Charges Dropped Against Him

(NY Daily News) A Pittsburgh judge has dismissed all charges against the former Jets cornerback who was accused of knocking two men out cold after a street confrontation in February, according to an NFL Network reporter.

Rashawn Bolton, Revis' high school teammate, testified that he delivered the knockout punches. He left court without comment. 

The men told Pittsburgh police that they were assaulted — it’s unclear by whom — while taking video of Revis on the street. One of the men reportedly suffered broken bones in his face. Revis’ attorney claimed from the start that his client was not the aggressor in the situation.

Revis Island > Rikers Island.

Darrelle Revis is now a free man after one his associates came forward and took responsibility for a brawl that left one victim with a broken face.

I guess Cris Carter was right all along about NFL stars surrounding themselves with fall guys, big ups to Rashawn.

How long until former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum tries to lure Revis to South Beach? Sheriff Shaquille O'Neal would never let fisticuffs like those happen under his watch.