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Jason Smith: 'I Would be Fired if I Did What Rachel Maddow Did'

"You can't break this down for me in a way that I can understand?"

If you are unfamiliar with what happened last night with Rachel Maddow, here is a quick unbiased recap:

Rachel Maddow tweeted that her show would have the Trump Tax Returns on Tuesday night an hour and a half before the show. She started the show with 15 minutes on 'why tax returns are important' and then went to break. Came back from break, summarized the two pages that she actually had of documents for about 30 seconds, and then kicked it to a guest. 

That wasn't exactly what we were promised, now was it?

Rachel is facing criticism (deservedly so) for what happened last night, but Jason Smith thinks that the punishment would be far worse if someone in the world of sports media would have done the same.

Listen below to find out why Jason Smith believes he would be fired had he pulled off what Rachel did last night. You can hear The Jason Smith Show every weekday from 11-2 am est. on Fox Sports Radio.