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Kaepernick's Problems Exceed His Talents

"As long as your talent exceeds your problems, you will be employed in this country."

When discussing Colin Kaepernick and the fact that he has yet to receive an NFL free agent offer, it is easy to drift towards the idea that a racist band of NFL owners have conspired against a one-time NFL superstar to keep him out of the league for political reasons. The reason it's so easy to come to this conclusion is that primarily white owners are refusing to pay an African-American man money due to his protest of the National Anthem. Lines draw themselves pretty quickly. 

The truth of the matter is that Colin Kaepernick was the 30th best quarterback in the NFL last season, but garnered the most attention in the media. What happened to Tim Tebow when he created problems off the field and was unable to tip the scale back with his talent? He plays baseball now. An ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SPORT. 

To put it simply, if your problems outweigh your talents, you will be unemployable. Ray Rice isn't in the NFL because he can't produce anymore, not because of his elevator video. If Tom Brady had hit Gisele in an elevator he would still get offers. 

Clay Travis explains how the issue of Colin Kaepernick boils down to talent versus problems created, and dives into the way Kaepernick might have actually gotten President Donald Trump elected in the first place. Listen below.

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