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Curry, Westbrook Are Not All-Time Greats

Even though they're two of the most unique and dynamic players in NBA history, Colin Cowherd doesn’t buy Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook’s case as transcendent living legends, that could go down as all-time greats. Cowherd thinks Curry’s brand was a vastly overhyped media creation.

“I believe the American media and fans elevated Curry to an all-time player," Cowherd said of the back-to-back MVP. “He was elevated to a class of player that Magic, LeBron, Hakeem, Shaq, Russell, and Bird were. He’s not at that level. He has an injury history, he got pushed around in the Finals, and he’s got one championship because Kyrie Irving got hurt.”

When it comes to Westbrook, who is just 3 weeks away from becoming the first player in over 50 years to average a Triple-Double for the season, Cowherd thinks he’s your typical athletic phenom that needs the ball in his hands every second, who alienates teammates in the process.

 “Russell is a taker, not a giver, he is something I’ve seen 1000 times before," Cowherd said. “I didn’t fall for it with Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Marbury, Allen Iverson, and Derrick Rose and why would I fall for it now?”