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LaVar Ball Promises $1B Deal for BBB, Responds to LeBron James

When you are talking about family, no one man embodies the 'family first' mantra more than LaVar Ball. 

Regardless how you feel about the headline-dominating alpha of the Ball family tree, there is something to be said about supporting your sons and family members above all else. His style of parenting might not be the one you use in your own home but by every single account, his sons view his support as nothing but love.

That is why when LeBron James took to the media to fire a shot at LaVar Ball, it made national headlines. Earlier today, when asked about comments made by LaVar about the sons of LeBron James (found here), LeBron had this to say:

Wanting to respond to these comments and to talk about much more, LaVar Ball joined JT The Brick with Tomm Looney just a moment ago right here on Fox Sports Radio. Here are the best bits of audio from the interview, and you can find the full interview at the bottom of this page.

Does LaVar Ball have a problem with LeBron James?

"I have no problem with LeBron, they asked me a question about if I thought superstar players' kids were good. My opinion is I've never seen one that's been really good. LeBron is going to make his kids one of the best players ever according to him."

"I've never seen one really live up to what their dad has done, so he could be the first. It's not about me having his kids name in my mouth, I'm not worried about his family. If somebody asks me a question I'll answer it the way I want to answer it."

LaVar Ball was asked about being famous, and whether people tell him to stop talking.

"People are just asking me questions. I've been talking all my life, and now the cameras are in front of me... if you want to ask me a question I'm going to give you an answer because I have freedom of speech to say whatever I want. It's just for conversation the next day." 

"I don't care, they not going to stop me from doing what I'm doing. If they get a little touchy about it, who cares. They're not gonna do nothing to me and I'm not gonna do nothing to them, it's not a big deal."

On his Billion Dollar Dreams for the Big Baller Brand

"It ain't going to be nothing less than a billion. A lot of folks don't know what they're worth, that's why they only take $250 million."

"We're going to get a billion dollars, guaranteed. They don't like to hear co-branded, they like to hear endorsement deal."

The full interview can be found right here. 

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