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Stars Who Rest Aren't Legitimate MVP's

Amid a historically tight NBA MVP race, Outkick the Coverage thinks there’s an easy way to trim the fat.

Simply put – if you’re healthy and not on the court, you aren’t helping your team win games.

“I think you have to consider whether they’ve taken days off as part of your vote for the MVP,” Clay Travis said, mentioning how Russell Westbrook and James Harden have yet to miss a game this season. “If you’re the MVP and play in 82 games, that’s more valuable than the MVP who plays in 78 or 77.”

Even though Travis and OTC producer Jason Martin agree that LeBron James is the world’s best player, you have to take LeBron’s mounting rest days into account when you’re putting LBJ up against iron men like Harden and Westbrook.

“That’s a guy that’s going out there every single night, he knows his team can’t win without him on the floor, he wants to win every basketball game, and he wants to prove how good he is.”