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Steve Lavin says "Gorilla Style Dunk" and Nothing Happens

"Perpetual and Professional Offended Idiots."

Doug Adler and his unjust firing by ESPN have been discussed several times on this website, so without briefing you on the past history, we will pick up with this story right here in the present time.

Steve Lavin was broadcasting a college basketball game and referred to a dunk as 'guerilla-like' much in the same way Doug Adler did with Venus Williams, non-threatening and non-racist verbiage common with the sport he was broadcasting. Not a sound was made, no useless twitter idiots outraged over Lavin's remarks, and no firing took place.

In fact, NOTHING AT ALL happened.

Maybe Ben Rothenberg just doesn't watch a lot of college basketball.

Clay Travis and Jason Martin give applause to Steve Lavin's employer, and also to the general public for starting to understand that not every single f'ing comment has an ulterior motive. Listen below.

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