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Why Colin Kaepernick Can't Find a Job

There is a massive disconnect between what NFL front offices view Colin Kaepernick as and what the casual fan likes to pretend Colin Kaepernick is.

Let's lay out the facts. 

Kaepernick is a below-average quarterback in the modern NFL after bursting on the scene as a dual-threat quarterback during a time when RG3 was seen as a future hall-of-famer. He also now comes along with the enormous baggage of his political protest, and will be a headline wherever he ends up. We're talking camera crews, exclusive interviews with the backup QB, the whole nine yards for a guy who isn't going to help a team on the field. 

Yet, fans continue to point to guys like Geno Smith and scream about how they got contracts, but the outspoken African-American player who stood up to the country's leader is being subject to racism and denied a job as a result of his political stance. 

That's not the case, and Jason McIntyre explains in the audio below. You can hear The Big Lead radio show with Jason McIntyre every weekend here on Fox Sports Radio.