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The Big Man is Dead in College Basketball

"The Europeans know that a team can only be really good if everyone can do everything."

In Football, we specify positions to the extremes that no other sport could possibly imagine. Linebackers rarely interchange with cornerbacks, wide receivers and quarterbacks can't just swap positions, and so on and so forth. This method of thinking is great for that specific sport, but in the beginning of basketball in America the same rules were applied to positions on the court as positions in football, and we are now seeing the end of that era. 

Europeans who combine soccer and basketball in their coaching tactics have actually begun to change the sport. In soccer, players must be able to move fluidly throughout the positions on the field, showing aerial ability and technical skill. There aren't 'header guys' and 'passer guys' in specific spots, you must be able to do it all to be truly great on a successful team. That has crept into basketball internationally, and now is moving into the American game.

Clay Travis explains how the big man is dead in college basketball. Skill and well-rounded ability reign supreme. Listen below.

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