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"White Men Can't Jump" 25 Year Anniversary

25 years ago, trash talk got it's moment in the sun.

Today marks the 25 year anniversary of White Men Can't Jumps debut on the big screen, with Woody and Wesley taking on the Venice underground basketball scene as Sidney and Billy, an unsuspecting pair of hustlers.

In order to honor the movie as it so deserves, I have decided to dig up a few videos that you should watch to properly pay your respects. 

1. "You're supposed to Hear Jimi."

First let me say most of the youtube videos were disappointing and fail to capture the trash-talking genius of Sidney Deane, more than likely due to the fact that some of the quips haven't 'aged well' according to some societal standards. Nonetheless this is a classic.

You aren't supposed to listen to Jimi you're supposed to hear Jimi. Get it straight.  

2. Backdoor Cuts are a Thing of Beauty

I was wrong. Youtube is amazing.

Compiling all of the backdoor cuts (and things that slightly resemble them but aren't exactly) from this movie and getting them together in one clip takes a lot of dedication and editing software but this man, no this COUNTRY, thanks you JoeCorr87. 

3. "Oh you want me to move?"

Long live this movie. Sidney and Billy forever.

Also if someone sends me the parental advisory T-Shirt and/or a hat from the Billy Hoyle collection I promise I will wear it to work everyday for a calendar month. That is my word.