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Auburn Softball Player and Florida Coach get Heated in Handshake Line

B/R - Auburn softball player Haley Fagan and Florida softball coach Tim Walton had an altercation following the Tigers' 1-0 Monday win.

Andrew Joseph of USA Today cited a 2012 report from Andy Marks of and said Walton previously released Fagan's sisters Sami and Kasey from the Gators program. Fagan didn't offer her hand to Walton as the two teams exchanged postgame handshakes Monday, but the coach still made a handshake motion.

She responded by pushing him in the back, as James Crepea of shared

No one gets their revenge quite like a girl who is seeking repayment for an injustice to her sister. 

By creating a national story out of this handshake altercation, Haley Fagan has (albeit, accidentally) gotten the sports media vultures circling around Tim Walton and this past story of player release. 

Good for Haley. I know this isn't a popular opinion, but sports are often too nice. Sportsmanship is obviously important, but if she feels slighted by a man and her family feels a hatred for him she has no obligation. 

PS. He pushed her first.