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Something is Wrong with LeBron James

Before you go any further, here is the context of the situation.

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were down big against the San Antonio Spurs last night when David Lee came down with an elbow on the back of LeBron James. James exited the game, later answering questions about his health to concerned reporters. Now that you have the details, check out the actual video:

Yikes, not a good look for The King. Even if the injury did rattle him or strike the wrong vertebrae, the situation does not lend itself kindly being down big and leaving the game like that. Just saying, it doesn't look great. 

First and foremost, Clay Travis has been one of the biggest LeBron-backers in the sports media world dating all the way back to his time in Miami. Clay enjoyed rooting for LBJ during the years when he was supremely hatable. 

That all changed last night. Listen below as Clay touches on the fact that LeBron is becoming simply too much to get behind. His antics have finally become too much to endure. 

There is a larger issue here than Clay Travis' fandom towards an NBA star, as the player himself is not quite right. It's become apparent and needs addressing.

What is going on with LeBron? Why is he taking petty offense at seemingly every opportunity?

Listen below, and be sure to tune into Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis every weekday from 6-9 am est. on Fox Sports Radio.