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Beer League Hockey Goalie gets 30 Days in Prison for Slash

Fox Sports - A beer league hockey goalie was sentenced to 30 days in jail this week following a bizarre violent incident during a game.

That goalie, Todd Ball, slashed an opponent in the face with his stick in a seemingly unprovoked attack during a 3-on-3 tournament in Fort Erie, Ontario, last summer.

The slash did significant damage to its recipient, 27-year-old Ryan Cox, who suffered a concussion, broken nose and fractured orbital bone as a result of the incident. Cox needed six plates in his face as part of facial reconstruction efforts, and he’s not yet done dealing with the effects of the injury.

This is straight out of some Happy Gilmore modern day remake or something. I mean, look at how open and empty the ice is. Look at how little enthusiasm people retaliated. This was unprovoked and probably even more out of the ordinary than anything seen before in the league.

But jail?!?

I've seen players in multiple recreational sports that act as if the men's over-30 indoor soccer game they are in is the biggest sporting spectacle of their lifetime, I've seen fistfights over jump-ball situations in a 2v2 game in a middle school gym, and I've witnessed a lot worse than this in women's rugby. It must be the person who got attacked who took it to the extreme of PRISON TIME for getting heated and taking a cheap shot in a sporting event.

So it's jail for one and surgery for the other. Seems like a pretty successful hockey night in Ontario.