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Best Alabama vs Best USC - Kiffin Bowl Predictions

Before we get rolling on the debate you opened this article to take part in, Lane Kiffin obviously has strong ties to both of these programs in question. He coached at USC and was a part of some of the best teams in the program's history, and he was the offensive coordinator on Alabama as recently as the College Football Playoff semi-final last year. Upon his exit from Alabama, it came out that Nick Saban and he were rumored to not see eye-to-eye on a lot of different topics. 

Here is Lane discussing the last time he spoke to Nick Saban, at all, since he left the program. This audio is only 16 seconds long but pretty astounding:

Now that we know Nick Saban is a grudge-holding and bitter old man, let's get back to it.

Who would win in a matchup, the BEST USC team Kiffin has been a part of or the BEST ALABAMA team Kiffin has coached? Kiffin answers that question and goes into detail about the timing of the contest, how that matters, and how both coaches wear down their players over the course of the season. 

Listen below, and be sure to check out Clay Travis on Outkick the Coverage every morning from 6-9 am est. on Fox Sports Radio.