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College Dunk Contest (Again) is WAY BETTER than NBA

Multiple times during that video I made an audible "OH" noise and leaned back in my chair, which is usually my barometer for whether something I watched was impressive or not. I'd give this one a 5/5 in terms of one minute dunk contest highlight videos go. That kid from CTSU can absolutely FLY, and Wisconsin showing out a little bit with some dunks that would make Bo Ryan say "a layup is must as many points, son." 

Either way, Zach LaVine aside, the college dunk contest is perennially better than the NBA's corporate version. Blake Griffin dunking over a Kia would score a 7 in a college contest unless Steve Ballmer was a judge. These kids show you they can jump, don't care about sponsorship money, don't care about getting embarrassed if they look like they tried too hard, and have fun. 

Long live college dunk contests.