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Lonzo Ball put UCLA Back on the Map

LaVar Ball joined Clay Travis today on Outkick the Coverage for a long conversation about everything from Lonzo's future in the NBA to the Big Baller Brand. 

In this first bit of audio, Clay addressed with LaVar the concept of player's being required to go to college for one season and whether Lonzo and his brothers would have committed to UCLA or even played in the NCAA at all if they were allowed to make the jump to the NBA.

Not only would Lonzo and co. not have gone to college, but LaVar actually says that UCLA was a beneficiary of Lonzo and is now 'back on the map' as a direct result of his play. 

Following that, Clay and LaVar found common ground when discussing the importance of branding and standing out without fear of failure.

Not only do they share the same philosophy on branding, but the Outkick and Big Baller Brands have a lot in common in terms of the promotion and independence they both utilize. Listen below to find out more about the topic of branding, by two of the best to do it, frankly.

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