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James Dolan Screams "You're an A**hole!" at Knicks Fan

NY POST - It hasn’t been enough for James Dolan to alienate Knicks fans by placing a disastrous team on the court year after year. He also calls fans unprintable names.

The Knicks owner had a run-in with a heckling Knicks supporter before Tuesday night’s Knicks-Bulls game at the Garden, in which Dolan justifies his behavior by claiming he’s not a public figure, and also saying the fan is an “a–hole.”

“I did call him an a–hole,” Dolan told Deadspin in a story published Wednesday night, “because he is an a–hole.”

Mike Hamersky, a New York lawyer, said he was hanging around the Garden before the game when Dolan walked past. Seeing an opportunity, the Knicks super-fan screamed, “Sell the team, Jim!” according to the report.


James Dolan must not have had his 'preparation binder' ready for this encounter, as page one of the binder, I would imagine, says don't publicly comment on your frustrated screams in the face of the fans of your franchise. ESPECIALLY don't double down on your comment.

What a jerk this guy is. Look up at that picture of this guy.

Who's the A**hole?