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Florida Gators Refuses to Play Down 10-1 After Rain Delay, Game Aborted

The Advocate Did the Florida baseball team pull a fast one to avoid a loss this week. Opponent Stetson University thinks it did. And some LSU fans may nod in agreement.

A story posted on Stetson’s athletics website takes a dim view of Florida’s refusal to play ball after a nearly two-hour rain delay Tuesday night, with the Gators trailing 10-1 in the fifth inning.

Eighth-ranked Florida also declined to resume the game at a later date, despite two available open dates, Stetson said. The result: “The game effectively did not happen,” Stetson baseball grumbled in a tweet.

Clay Travis broke a story in the fall of last year citing sources that told him Florida was doing everything in their power to not make up a scheduled (and cancelled) game for SEC gain, and the outrage was quick to come flooding in.

Not saying anything about how these two relate, and talking specifically about this story, it is hard to deny what is happening in this case

Bad look for the Gators unless some other excuse comes up later. Stetson pretty much paint a clear picture here.