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Nick Wright Full Interview on The Herd

Here are some things you might not have known about LeBron James this season:

  • This is LeBron's 13th straight season of 25+ points per game, no one else in NBA History has had more than 11 in a row.
  • LeBron is averaging his career high in rebounds, he is the only player in NBA history to do so after his 14th year.
  • LeBron is Averaging his career high in assists, he is the only player in NBA history to do so after his 14th year.
  • 25/8/8 splits on at least 50% shooting this season. Only players to ever do this are Oscar Robertson during his most efficient year, Michael Jordan in his most efficient, and LBJ now.
  • 25/8/8 on 55% shooting this season. He is the only in NBA History to do so.

This might be LeBron James' second great season ever and he might finish 4th in the MVP voting.

Nick Wright joined Colin Cowherd today on The Herd and broke this all down in the audio below. Take a listen and keep an open mind when deciding who you believe is the NBA MVP because the loudest voices often aren't telling you the facts.

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