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Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn Split

Page Six - Call it a romantic fumble: Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers have broken up after three years together.

“They have amicably ended their relationship of three years,” a source close to the couple told People on Friday, adding that the pair remains “close friends and wish nothing but the best for each other moving forward.”

Rodgers, 33, and Munn, 36, began dating in May 2014, just weeks after Munn split from actor Joel Kinnaman.

I am going to argue that Karen Crouse changed the course of NFL history with this article in the New York Times.

Published last year during the Packers postseason run, just a week before his NFC Championship game, giving enough time to the sports media world to dive into the story and analyze every bit of it. Rodgers was ripped apart for his family relationship, tormented by reporters in person, and made to answer for things dormant for many years. It changed something about his public perception, which would definitely have an impact on his home life with his girlfriend. All her friends probably asked her about his family and blah blah blah... you know how it goes. 

Then the Packers lost, now he's broken up with Olivia Munn, next he'll probably have to go into this season without a solid defense and be forced to score 40 a night to win with a mediocre offense minus him. That would really be the icing on the cake.

Sorry Aaron, tough day in a blessed life.