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Ben Simons has Grown 2 Inches since the NBA Draft

B/R - The hype surrounding Philadelphia 76ers rookie Ben Simmons just got bigger.

Perhaps literally. 

Former 76er World B. Free told CBS Philly's Jon Johnson last week that the Australian guard, who's missed all of the 2016-17 season with a Jones fracture in his right foot, looks two inches taller. The No. 1 pick of 2016 was drafted out of LSU standing 6'10".

A few days later, Johnson confirmed that Simmons is just under the 7-foot mark.

The 76ers will soon have 7-foot Ben Simmons at point and a healthy Joel Embiid to start next season.

This is Sam Hinkie's greatest masterpiece.

Seriously though, this happens a lot with players that are drafted before they turn 20. When Paul George was drafted the NBA went through a lockout not long after and teams were unable to contact their players. All of a sudden George walked into the facility post-lockout and people were shocked that he had actually grown close to 3 inches during that time. He is now an all-pro, obviously.

Point guard as a whole is a changing position. Taking the ball up is no longer the primary duty, as guys like James Harden and Giannis are taking on "primary creator" roles and just dribbling the ball up as a result.

Ben Simmons. Here we go.