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Darren Rovell reports Mariners to Sell Toasted Grasshoppers for $4

ESPN - Fans attending Seattle Mariners games at Safeco Field this season can do both.

The team, in partnership with its concessionaire Centerplate, recently added a stand run by local Mexican restaurant Poquitos that will serve toasted grasshoppers tossed in chili lime salt.

The Mariners will sell toasted grasshoppers at the ballpark this season. Centerplate

A cup filled with grasshoppers sells for $4 in the area behind the outfield wall known as The Pen.

Alright Rovell, you've officially gone too far. We were all cool with the ice cream in a helmet and the occasional craft elephant's tongue beer or whatever the heck it is you people drink in California.

These grasshoppers have crossed the line into trolling. You have to be kidding, right?