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WWE Star "Kane" announced he is running for Mayor in Tennessee

Bleacher Report Article - Glenn Jacobs, who rose to fame as WWE Superstar Kane, formally announced his candidacy for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, on Tuesday.                    

"As Knox County mayor I promise to keep taxes low and make Knox County a place everyone can be proud of," Jacobs said, per "I see my role as that of a facilitator among the different communities in our area. And also I think that Mayor [Tim] Burchett has done a very good job with transparency in government, and I would continue along those lines."

Whaaaaaaat is going on around here lately?

Tony Romo is going to play shooting guard for the freaking Dallas Mavericks tonight, someone just averaged a triple-double for an entire season, and now Kane is running for political office.

The sports world is just as drunk as the political world and no one is even stopping to realize it.

I'm going to go google simulator theories now. Come get me when everything is back to normal.