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Cubs Quickly Becoming the MLB's Most Annoying Fan Base

“They are fast-tracking on people as one of the most annoying fan bases in all of baseball.”

We get it’s been 108 years since the Cubs had won the World Series, but Tuesday’s banner unfurling ceremony looked more like the end of World War II, and not the celebration of a team who had the best record in baseball last year and is the strong favorite to win it again this year.

Dan Beyer thinks the overblown festivities took it to another level when we then found out the Cubs were set to host a ring ceremony the following night, making it a two-day celebration when the city already had nine months to revel in their triumph.

Maybe the most obnoxious was the big board in Wrigley Field during the rain delay on Tuesday. You’d think they would play a replay of one of the most exciting games in sports history, as in Game 7 of the World Series, but no, they played the NLCS game-clinching win against Los Angeles, just to troll the poor Dodgers who happened to be in town this week for the Cubs home stand.