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2016-2017 NBA Regular Season Sucked

“The NBA has treated their fans the way United Airlines has treated their customers: You fly United you could get dragged down the aisle of a plane in Chicago. You go to an NBA game you could get dragged into watching D-League, JV talent and paying full price.”

Besides Russell Westbrook becoming just the second player to ever average a triple-double during the regular season (you hadn't heard?!?), Ben Maller thinks we were just unwilling witnesses to one of the least entertaining regular seasons in NBA history. Maller gives the season a ‘D-‘ grade and called it the year of the D-N-P.

“It was the regular season of the healthy scratch, that is what I’ll most remember from this regular season,” Maller said. ““The way I would describe the regular season in the NBA is pure arrogance and disregard to the people who buy tickets. It just doesn’t matter, you are irrelevant. They might as well play these NBA games in empty arenas.”