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Knicks Pick Up 2-Year Option on Phil Jackson

Well well well, what do we have here. The Knicks 'quietly' picked up a 2-year option of Phil Jackson, which might as well be the "final boarding call" for Carmelo Anthony's plane ticket out of NYC. 

The Knicks were openly pondering the direction of their franchise when Dolan brought that offensively-hilarious "preparation's binder" to his radio interview, with a clear dividing line set between Phil Jackson's mantra and ideals and Carmelo Anthony's approach to the game. The two did not get along.

After Carmelo's anti-climactic final performance of the season in The Garden last night, one can't help but think the news announcing Phil Jackson's picked up option coming the very next day isn't a good sign for the future of Carme7o (or whatever his little sign-off is).