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Maurice Harkless made $500,000 by Not Shooting Three's Anymore

NY Post- By refusing to attempt a 3-pointer in the final four games of the regular season, Trail Blazers forward Moe Harkless earned an extra $500,000 for hitting an incentive in his contract that awarded him the bonus if he shot 35 percent or better on 3-pointers for the season.

Harkless, 23, finished the season at a career-best 35.1 percent. Had he missed one more shot, it would have fallen to 34.8 percent. Prior to the final four-game stretch, Harkless had not attempted a 3 in just six games that he played in all season.

So Maurice Harkless is a legend for this one. 

Shooting 35.1 percent from deep coming into the homestretch of the season, Harkless made a conscious decision (even if he denies it we all know) to not attempt another three for the rest of the season. If he had missed a single attempt he would have fallen below the 35% threshold that gave him a half of a million dollars.

Get you, Mo. Get you.