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NFL Teams Should Trade 1st Round Picks without Hesitation

In a league where Pro Bowl players are the equivalent of a third-round pick in trades, Colin Cowherd wonders why NFL teams don’t use their first round picks like blank checks in acquiring proven stars to their team every single year.

“We have been duped into believing you got to keep the first round picks,” Cowherd said. “First round picks are just expensive, unproven players.”

When it came to the upcoming Draft, Cowherd said to always trade down unless there’s a transcendent quarterback available, which doesn’t look to be the case this year.

“I don’t want to hear a thing about Myles Garrett, he’s not worth a point in the NFL. Trade down,” Cowherd said. “97% of first round picks play as rookies, but 94% of second round players play as rookies and are half the price.”