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The Indians Should Not Cave to Anti-Chief Wahoo Demands

“The first rule of an effective business is to not let special interest groups mandate how you run your business.”

With the MLB prepared to make another run at the Cleveland organization altering or disbanding their ‘Chief Wahoo’ logo altogether, Ben Maller thinks half-billion dollar organizations like the Indians should simply shoo away the demands of obscure parties asking for prominent demands.   

The logo, portraying a cartoon caricature of a stereotypical American Indian, has been featured on the team’s uniform and merchandising in some fashion since the late 1940’s, but it's only been in recent years that the logo has gone from an iconic staple of the club's past to being considered offensive by many civil rights organizations.

Maller doesn’t believe the backlash for Chief Wahoo isn’t as luminous as you think.

"You can’t let 2% dictate the rules to the 98%”, he said. “The majority of the customers in Northern Ohio would raise holy hell if this is changed. When you bow down to hyper-political correctness you are ruined.”