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Best Of the Week: Outkick the Coverage

1.) LeBron Clubbing, Resting, and Losing is a Massive Story

"Can you imagine if LeBron James played for a coach who held him accountable?"

To be completely blunt and lay out the facts, LeBron James went clubbing in Miami on Sunday night and rested Monday's deciding game in the Eastern Conference regular season playoff picture the very next day. In a pivotal moment, LeBron did not play because he needed his rest. 

Try and imagine this happening in any other sport. A QB saying they needed rest and then going out Saturday night to a nightclub? Are you serious?

Clay Travis believes that this story would be getting media play across the nation if it wasn't about golden-boy LeBron James. Listen below, and find out why this is inexcusable.

2.) Tim Tebow's MLB Dream is Hardly a Long Shot

“I wouldn’t put it past the Mets, especially if it gets to be September and they’re not performing that well, to bring up Tebow and see whether or not they can fill some seats.”

Even though his influence in baseball is quite ceremonial, Clay Travis thinks Tim Tebow isn’t just a punchline run amok, but actually an intriguing prospect with a legitimate shot to make a jump up from Single-A into the Major Leagues.  

“His swing looks pretty fantastic,” Travis said. “If he were 20 years old and was doing this, then there would be a lot of optimism.”

3.) NBA Playoffs First Round Lacks Excitement

With teams seemingly sputtering into the postseason across the league and momentum seemingly on the side of absolutely no one, this NBA Playoffs first round looks like the least exciting in recent memory. 

With the Cavaliers at the center of the controversy, it's no surprise that Clay Travis wants to make his message clear about LeBron James and co. heading into the first round. The prediction is TWO LOSSES in the opening series and no NBA title at the end of it all. Listen below.

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