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Best Of the Week: Steve Gorman Sports!

1.) Expect Borussia Dortmund to Struggle after Bus Attack

On Tuesday the Borussia Dortmund soccer team were attacked leaving their team hotel and had three bombs detonated around their bus en route to a Champions League fixture. One of their players was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery.

As a result, their game against Monaco was moved to today, Wednesday. Steve Gorman explains the near tragic outcome of a malicious attack, and talks about how in the mental game of soccer this could have a serious impact on the outcome of the match. Listen below.

2.) Oral Roberts Forbid Coach from Recruiting Players with Tattoos

According to multiple reports, Oral Roberts University got a new school president in 2013, and the fate of the basketball program was never again the same. 

A very successful program for much of the tenure of Coach Sutton, the head coach was fired after a last-place finish last year. Why the sudden drop off in performance? Apparently the new president forbid the program from recruiting any non-Christian players, and would not allow anyone with a tattoo on the team.

Good luck recruiting with that. Steve Gorman discusses the hypocrisy in the audio below.

3.) Carmelo Anthony Shouldn't Want To Stay In New York

Steve and Jeffrey Gorman react to Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks picking up Jackson's two-year option and say this should push Carmelo Anthony out of New York.