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Best Of The Week: The Jason Smith Show

NBA Resting has become "Straight Up Disrespectful"

Chris Broussard is understanding of the 'player rest' issue, and knows that it would be near impossible to regulate how often coaches should play their players and what not...

but THE NETS!?!? 

Last night the Brooklyn Nets rested three (really six) players against the Bulls and were subsequently blown out of the gym, costing the Heat a spot in the postseason. What were they resting for, you ask? Well, the start of next season is only 6 months away. Can never be too cautious.

Listen below to Chris Broussard breaking down the 'disrespect' shown at this point with Jason Smith

Adam Silver is the Parent Who Doesn't Want To "Parent"

Adam Silver is someone who yearns for approval, and doesn't want to go to war with any of the players because he doesn't think he can win.

The NBA players are walking all over him at the moment, and he doesn't have enough of a spine to put his foot down. The Brooklyn Nets just rested starters for the last game of the season. Let's just think about that for a second.

Jason Smith believes Adam Silver is that parent who doesn't want to discipline the kids, and actually has trouble "parenting" when it gets difficult. Listen below and find out why.

Carmelo Anthony Era in New York was a Waste

When Carmelo Anthony arrived in New York, the team had plans to bring in multiple other stars to launch the era of Knicks dominance behind Carmelo's local legend.

Safe to say it didn't work out that way.

Jason Smith explains why the Camelo Anthony era in New York was a complete waste of optimism, time, and effort on the part of everyone involved. Listen below.

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