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Why Aren't Kids Playing Multiple Sports Anymore?

The days of young athletes playing three sports across a calendar year, transitioning between skill-sets and coaches based on which season they were currently in, is almost completely gone. The age of athletes specializing in one particular sport early on is upon us, with parents insisting on their children channeling their athleticism into one sport in order to up the chances they "make it" in the world of athletics.

As a result of this, players lose a bit of their well-roundedness and show signs of lacking athleticism in areas not specific to their sport. Look at baseball for example. If a child plays strictly baseball from a young age they fail to pick up the movement and fluidity that a child who also plays basketball might possess. This is a serious problem for the future of professional sports in the eyes of Clay Travis.

Listen below, and find out why there are dangers behind early specialization.

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