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Best Of The Week: Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

1.) Tom Brady Didn't Visit Trump Because of Gisele

Tom Brady was a last minute scratch for a visit to the White House with the rest of his Patriots team. Brady said he skipped the visit due to "personal family matters." Some are speculating that it was due to his parent's wedding anniversary. Clay Travis is not so easily fooled and has the real answer.

2.) Wonderlic Scores Prove Academic Fraud in College Football

When the Wonderlic scores used to be given to the general public, Clay Travis was quick to notice an alarming trend. Some of the top athletes at major football programs scored "sub-literate" in the Wonderlic, and were able to remain eligible for three seasons at a program worthy of national attention. 

How is this possible?

Today, Clay discussed how he believes these institutions keep players on the field, and it resulted in a breakdown of the most undercovered story in college athletics. Listen below.

3.) Carmelo Gives New Meaning to the 'Triangle'

“That is probably an awkward conversation to have with the wife, ‘Hey babe, love ya I got to let you know, I got a stripper pregnant.’”

It’s not often you hear Carmelo Anthony’s name in the news during the NBA postseason, but a recent story of him reportedly knocking up a NYC stripper months before divorcing former wife La La Vazquez is making Clay Travis wonder if Carmelo misinterpreted Phil Jackson’s preaching of the ‘Triangle’ just a little.

“The Triangle offense was not working for him so he created his own triangle outside of the basketball court.”

Not only has Carmelo worn out his welcome with his wife and current team, but now faces the demands of his new baby mama, who has reportedly and expectedly demanded cash for medical bills and baby-related expenses. Travis thinks it’s quite the comeback story for the young woman.

“Of all the strippers in America, this is like the best dream you can possibly have,” Travis joked. “It’s the biggest play by a stripper since Anna Nicole Smith got that Texas billionaire to marry her.”