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Best Of The Week: Steve Gorman Sports

Aaron Hernandez Suicide might have CTE Connection

One of the first things Steve Gorman considered when he heard of the Aaron Hernandez suicide was whether or not CTE would be considered as a factor in his death. 

Now, just one day later, we have our answer.

Gorman breaks down the recent report that the family of Aaron Hernandez is donating his brain to CTE research in the audio below. Listen right here.

It's Time For The Clippers To Overhaul The Team

It's clear that this model of the Clippers isn't working, and it's finally time for management to blow up the team. After many seasons of failing to meet expectations, the toughest thing to do with a team that looks as good on paper as the Clippers do is make the decision to start over again.

Steve Gorman believes that time is now, make the tough call and blow it up. Listen:

Marshawn Lynch Is Not The Right Fit For Raiders!

Marshawn Lynch's antics could be a hindrance to a young, up-and-coming team like the Raiders! Steve and Jeffrey discuss the likelihood of Oakland wanting to commit to a veteran running back of his skill set.