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Best Of the Week: The Jason Smith Show

Everyone Will Know David Fizdale after Last Night

David Fizdale might be a 'rook' by his own admission, but that didn't stop the Memphis coach from going on a rant for the ages last night after the Grizzlies lost to San Antonio in controversial fashion.

Citing Mike Conley's clean track record and his team's lack fo superstar talent as reasons why he was screwed by the referees, Fizdale took a lopsided stat sheet and turned it into the story of the night.

Listen below as Jason Smith explains why Fizdale is the name on everyone's lips this morning.

Watch Out for the Milwaukee Bucks

The first round upset Jason Smith picked in the NBA Playoffs has been making him look like a damn genius thus far, as the Milwaukee Bucks are absolutely rolling against the Toronto Raptors right now and have a 2-1 series lead after a blowout victory last night.

Just how good is this team? Jason believes it is no longer just Giannis and spare parts up north. Can they push the Cavaliers in the East? Listen and find out.

Michael Jordan would get same Scrutiny as Westbrook Today

The shot-dominant way in which Michael Jordan played led to a lot of games where he took significantly more shots than his teammates, and without the "instant reaction forums" we have today like Twitter he was able to do so without real scrutiny. All that was glanced on during that era was the total points, total rebounds, and total assists.

Russell Westbrook being scrutinized in the same way Michael Jordan would be if he was playing today. Jason Smith explains this point in the audio below. Listen right here.