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Special Thank You to Dan Beyer, Jonas Knox, and John Ramos

Fox Sports Radio is a lot of things. 

It's national sports talk, conversational humor, and the occasional scorching take. It's individual personalities, debating partnerships, and Cindy Katz bringing muffins to a meeting. There are endless ways to describe what it is we do here, and even more laughs to be had with the people inside the walls of the place we call "work" every day. That is, when it is all said and done, what these past few months of radio from 3-6 pm est. will be remembered for. 

Never has a radio show so accurately portrayed (without trying to do so) what it is like to work at a company as unique as ours here at Fox Sports Radio, and for that Dan Beyer and Jonas Knox deserve all the credit in the world. The smiles they put on our faces upstairs with the streams every day, the way they were able to peel back the curtain for the national audience and see that it really is just a few regular guys making all the magic happen, and the relationship they built with each one of their listeners is what we will remember most from this "BKR Era" of radio. 

So, without any more mush (they didn't die or anything) we present this piece of viral sensation.

What If I told you, there was a Mexican-American Youth Soccer Coach who didn't speak a lick of Spanish, who turned the radio world upside down?