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We Shouldn't Be Begging for a Tim Tebow's Fast Track to the Majors

“Rooting for Tebow in baseball would be like rooting for the ability of people to just pick up a sport without the work and be great. Why would I ever root for that? Don’t we want as a society hard work to pay off? Isn’t the value created for all of us that hard work and focus separates us from lazy and less focused people?”

Hitting just .156 in Single-A, Colin Cowherd wonders why Tim Tebow has such a bloated bandwagon of supporters who want to see him jump on a fast track to the major leagues. Sure, Tebow is one of the most glorified athletes in modern history, but Cowherd says the former Heisman Trophy winner needs to earn it when it comes to baseball, and that we shouldn’t just push for him to get the easy way out in making the major leagues simply because he’s a celebrity.

“Would you want to be at a job where your boss comes in and says, ‘Hey Bob, I know you’ve been here 14 years but Timmy here has a lot of faith in himself and we like his attitude, thanks for 14 years.’ You want that to be the world?”