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2017 QB Draft Class Could Be Riddled with Busts

“Not sold on Deshone Kizer, not sold on Deshaun Watson, not sold on Mitch Trubisky, not sold on Josh Dobbs. Suddenly Josh Dobbs is surging up all these Draft boards; I watched him play every snap of his career at Tennessee and I will be stunned beyond belief if Josh Dobbs is a really good quarterback in the NFL.”

Although it might be one of the most wide-open quarterback Drafts in recent memory with its hierarchy wholeheartedly unpredictable, Clay Travis doesn’t think the drama behind a potentially volatile First Round has anything to do with the play on the field that will soon follow.

Travis thinks Deshaun Watson may be your typical collegiate hero that see's his career sadly disintegrate on the professional level. 

“I think he’s a really, really good college quarterback,, but I’m not convinced that when you put him under center and make him drop back to pass over and over again that he’s going to be able to make every throw in the NFL."

When it came to North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky, Travis said he's almost ready to write the guy off as the next spokesperson for NFL Draft busts. 

 “’Mitch Trubisky’ sounds like the made up fictional name that you would give to a guy the Browns are going to Draft no. 1 overall and he’s going to suck,” Travis joked. “Then you toss in his resume; one season starting at North Carolina -- I just don’t have any faith at all in that being the resume of a sterling quarterback.”